May 18, 2024

How To Perfectly Catch Rats With The Help Of Glue Traps?

With time, the population of rats is increasing, which is creating chaos in people’s lives and houses. And for such a situation, people use methods of pest control wholesale to trap these. Rodent glue traps are the most common method that people prefer to catch rodents. These methods are non-toxic, convenient, and cheap to use. Rats as an animal are very fast and responsive, so it is not easy to trap them.

To catch them accurately, it is always better to keep multiple traps on the floor. The benefit of using a glue trap is that it will allow for catching the mise as well. In most traps, mice often run away, which is not suitable but traps them in glue traps. Specific techniques will help you to trap them well, which are.

Placement Of Traps

The most crucial part of catching a trap is to keep the trap in the correct place. The reaction time of rats is impressive, and they hardly get trapped in the trap. It is always best to place these traps in their most active area or where you see them the most. The areas mainly include corners, cabinets, wall holes, etc., They hide in something which is always dark and dirty places. Placing these rat glue trap in these areas has a high chance of getting them caught.

As with moving the rat’s touch surfaces, it is best to keep multiple traps to catch them up. The optimum to keep the traps is to keep them 15-20 feet apart from each other. One can also place these traps on the wall, as rats tend to climb up on walls very often.

Trapping Tricks

It is always best to put the traps very close to each other, as they may miss once but not the next ones. There are multiple ways to place the traps; one can put them on the floor, keep them at a 90 angle, or directly stick them on the wall. These all work pretty much different situations as it depends upon the rat moving patterns. A well-known technique to attract rats is to place sand, dust, and papers and rat glue trap inside a cardboard box to attract the prey.

It is a very beneficial technique that always works. How rats get trapped tells a lot about their population and family. The ones who get trapped first are beta rats which are inferior and easier to catch. But the alpha ones are vigilant and careful around the traps. To capture the alpha one, the cardboard will do wonders to see.

Safety Measures

You might think of rats as simple rodent, which usually stays and eats in the home. But the truth is they are home to various severe viruses and bacteria, so after handling the traps or the mouse, wash your hands carefully. One should also clean the area where the rats were seen the most, and the best part would be to call for pest control wholesale as they control the cleaning and sanitizing of the area.