May 18, 2024

Specifics and Further Aspects of Groupage Transportation

A large consignment is when the space in a vehicle available for cargo loading is entirely occupied by goods of one consignor (as is often the case). But what if you have to ship small consignments? In this case, groupage transport will be the optimal solution. ‘Groupage transport’ means a shipment, which includes several small batches from various consignors. Both individuals and businesses, small and large, may opt for this delivery method. This is how orders from China are usually shipped around the world.

Wide Product Range

Various goods – clothing, shoes, auto parts, even food – may be delivered by groupage shipping. However, in the course of transportation, it is essential that the security of goods is ensured (no damage or deformation of the cargo is caused, the original properties of the goods are preserved, etc.). That is why this method may not be used to deliver of oversized cargo or hazardous substances.

It must be kept in mind that, prior to dispatch, small batches included a groupage shipment are consolidated in warehouses till all batches arrive. A usual wait period is 7 days. This means that this delivery method is not suitable for perishable goods.


Freight forwarder’s employees pick up a customer’s consignment and deliver the goods to the warehouse. Warehouses are well-equipped for cargo handling, and the employees carefully monitor the safety and security of goods. While the shipment is being consolidated, the employees prepare the required documents, check the compliance of the goods with the declared quantities, etc.


Goods may be delivered by different types of transport. For example, goods from China are most often transported by sea. Sometimes rail or air transport may be used. But usually the transportation scheme involves commercial motor vehicles. They are the only type of transport that may be used for “door to door” deliveries. For example, at first, cargo is delivered from the consignor to the port of departure by a truck. Then, another truck transports the cargo from the port of arrival to the consignee.

Geography of Shipments

Groupage shipments may be transported to any parts of the world. For example, ships from East Asia, Scandinavia, and European countries daily arrive at English ports (Filixstowe, Hull, Tilbury, Southampton).

For groupage transport, documents are completed only once. This expedites various procedures and speeds up delivery significantly. In addition, groupage shipments are economically feasible: you pay for the space occupied by your cargo only.