April 20, 2024

Four link building mistakes SEO experts save you from

If you own a website today you must understand the critical role that SEO plays in your ranking and marketing online. SEO strategies are complex and besides top-quality link creation, one should be able to handle other aspects like link building and quality of their websites. If you want PPC remarketing services, you need an expert for that. You will need to mind who you hire for the task if handling it DIY seems like a long shot for you. It is however when working with experienced SEO Agency London that these link building errors can be done away with.

Buying links

Links have to be grown automatically for the best kind of organic traffic. If you however try to buy your way into building links, the results may not be what you expect. Choose a great SEO firm that can help you create useful content that can be shared on top links in your niche. Ultimately your SEO score will come down to the quality of link building you and that can affect your ranking on SERPs.

Building a lot of links in a short spun

This is definitely one of the signs that you are getting your link building wrong. Many at times the quality of your links should improve progressively over time and not on one day. The moment you create over 1000 backlinks to your site, expect your search engine to be suspicious and even lay down repercussions for such behavior.  All good things take time and a great SEO firm will help you build your online authority steadily through quality link building.

Misplaced link building

By far this is one of the atrocities you should avoid making on your website. Understand which niche you want traffic in before finding authoritative websites to share your content with. If you however link with sites in irrelevant niches, chances are you get zero traffic as per your expectation. The perfect example would be to share your food related posts on a mechanical blog meant for automobiles auctioning. Experts will however know what to do to avoid the blunders that could cost you later on.


If you are to be competitive in your website ranking, making the above mistakes can jeopardise your efforts.  It is understandable that you are not familiar with SEO hacks when starting out but hiring an expert SEO firm is always an option to consider.