April 20, 2024

Avoid Doing These Things If Your Amazon Seller Account Is Suspended

While you might have become a pro at selling things at Amazon and making money, you probably never thought what to do if your Amazon account is suspended and you are barred from all the selling privileges. This would come to you as a shock, especially if Amazon turns out to be your main source of income. And although Amazon suspension appeal is the most important solution of all, there are a few things that you must keep yourself away from once and if your Amazon account is suspended, to avoid turning the situation worse.

What Not To Do After Amazon Account Suspension?

·         Stop Panicking, It Doesn’t Help

People make the most well-informed decision only when they are not panicking but are instead maintaining their calm and peace. If you ever have to face a suspension of your Amazon account as a seller, keep your consciousness and thought process clean and transparent, to avoid making any grave mistakes.

·         Don’t Rush Into Appeal, But Rather Take Professional Help

The first thing that comes to our mind after our account is suspended is that we didn’t anything intentionally or indulge in anything illegal or wrong. And while it is pretty normal to think of an Amazon suspension appeal, you should first take help from a professional who has been doing this for years. Upon doing it yourself, your appeal wouldn’t grab the required attention from the giant e-commerce company and would rather be treated like any other appeal.

This implies, that the appeal needs to be stronger. Is your Amazon account suspended?  take help from an expert who will review the suspension mail and help you understand the reason behind the suspension besides helping you to prevent it in the future.

·         Avoid Losing Your Temperament At All Costs

One of the worst things that you can do is act rude and lose your patience, be it in customer support chat, or on a call, in a mail, or even in the Amazon suspension appeal letter. As you might be aware, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world and there’s no way your rudeness will help in getting your account back. But by being rude and harsh, you will make your chances of unsuspending the account bleak. Your primary goal should be around getting your Amazon seller account back and the way to do that is to prevent making things worse.

·         Threatening To Sue Amazon Will Get You Nowhere

Threatening to file a case against the Amazon team wouldn’t get your Amazon seller account back. Neither should you think of threatening Amazon with harsh words nor should you threaten them to take up legal action. Amazon is unbeatable if you thought threatening would be a great idea. The e-commerce giant hopes to make you realize your mistake, even if you did not commit them intentionally. By threatening Amazon, you are just sending across a negative message to them. The team wants you to talk to them clearly and not via an attorney.

Is your Amazon account suspended? Then you would probably want to get it unsuspended as soon as possible. You can do it via Amazon suspension appeal, provided you hire a professional for it. But whatever you do, make sure to never repeat the mistake in the future to prevent your account from getting suspended permanently.