May 18, 2024

A Guide To Have The Right Fire Signs For Safety In Your Building

Depending on the type of building you have, and the kind of operations in it, the fire safety signs and guidelines may vary. It can become perplexing and often exhausting to find all the right kinds of fire signs for your building.

To help you boost fire safety, and to facilitate efficient firefighting operations, here’s a quick guide. It will help you comply with the safety regulations and learn about all the types of fire signs you should have. Moreover, you will get a few tips hidden in the guidelines. Let’s have a look:

1. Start With The Fire Risk Assessment

Before you begin buying or installing fire signs from RS Groups, it is ideal to undergo a fire assessment. It will help you learn about all the fire risks and hazards that are in the building. Then, you can easily invest in prevention or awareness signs to mitigate risks. You can also learn about locations that will need such signs the most.

2. Using Different Types Of Fire Signs

There are many different types of fire signs available today. Each one requires installation in the right place. As Fire Risk Assessment already helps you identify the location, it is time for you to quickly brief on different types of signs. You can simplify them in three categories:

  • Fire Action: These are the signs, charts, or posters that provide guidelines on how to safely move out of the building. Fire Action posters may vary on stairs (to show how to move on stairs) to combat fire or fire situations in case of emergency.
  • Fire Exits: These signs are straightforward. They highlight Fire doors, Fire Exits, Fire Stairs, and other access and routes for people to safely evacuate.
  • Fire Equipment: These signs will show you which equipment is available in the area. For example, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire hoses, etc.

3. Learn About Legal Requirements And Standards

Most fire signs are standardized to match the criteria. They have a fixed colour scheme, language requirements, and more. So, it is ideal for you to learn about the fire safety signs standards before adding them to your building. It will help you prevent any unwanted legal action for not following safety regulations.

4. Choosing The Material For Fire Signs

If you don’t want to invest in the maintenance and replacement of fire signs too much, it is ideal to invest in high-quality options. Depending on the location, a few extra qualities might vary. For example, weather resistance, UV resistance, and flame resistance are a few of the qualities you can look for.

If you have access, you can also order the signs that glow in the night to provide guidance during the darkest hours. It can help save lives during emergencies.

5. Don’t Forget To Add Signs For Everyone

There could be individuals with different impairments. Some might have a visual impairment, while others might not be able to read. Therefore, signs with braille or symbols that clearly denote the sign would be ideal. It can help you boost safety and help people during hazardous situations. This is especially essential if you run a business that welcomes people from all walks of life.