May 18, 2024

5 Types of Bathrooms You Can Consider for Your Home

There are different types of bathrooms, and understanding them is beneficial, whether you are looking to build or renovate a bathroom, buy a home, or sell one. If you are a homeowner planning for a bathroom renovation, it will help define your expenses. As a home buyer, you will determine if the bathroom on the listing meets your needs or fits your lifestyle. If selling a home, it can serve as a guide to come up with a reasonable price for your property. The things that you have in the bathroom can also affect the cost. New upgrades and modern fixtures, appliances, and furniture can add up to the price.

Four components determine the bathroom type. They are the toilet, bathtub, shower, and sink. Each of these items represents a component. So having all four gives you a full bathroom while having two components makes a half bathroom, and so on. When looking at listings for real estate, bathrooms are often listed in decimal form. So, a full bathroom is listed as 1 bathroom; a half bathroom is 0.5. Below are the different bathroom types.

Full bathroom

As mentioned, this type of bathroom has four components. First, the bathtub and shower can be combined or separated. It’s combined when you have a bathtub and a showerhead above it. As the term suggests, the bathtub and shower are not together in a separate setup. Frameless shower enclosures are popular choices for the latter. They give that open and contemporary look in the bathroom. Second, there are different types of bathtubs to choose from, and they can be fixed or freestanding.

Three quarter bathroom

With this type, there is the toilet and sink. The third component can either be a shower or bathtub. It’s a relatively smaller bathroom but can still accommodate space for you to take a bath or shower falls under this category. It depends on your personal preference if you go for a shower or a bathtub. If you prefer long soaks, a bathtub is an ideal option. However, if you are the type to freshen up fast, a shower will be convenient.

Half bathroom

It contains the basics, which are a toilet and sink. They are commonly used in other areas of the house for guest access. Visitors can use this without going to the main bathroom, which is usually connected to the bedroom. Thus, it gives homeowners privacy while at the same time allowing guests to use the toilet or sink when needed. These bathrooms are also commonly called powder rooms.

Quarter bathroom

This type has only one component, which is either a shower or toilet. It is often built for convenient use without having to go to the main bathroom. Other family members may also use it if the latter is in use.

Primary bathroom

Also known as an attached or en suite bathroom, a primary bathroom is connected to the master’s bedroom. You need to go inside the bedroom to access this bathroom. It is usually a full or a three-quarter bathroom.

Determine your needs to decide what type of bathroom will suit you. You may also add secondary bathrooms for guest access or the use of other family members.